Who doesn’t love Ice Cream? I have delicious memories of my childhood summers when my parents would take me to the beach and we’d build sand castles, collect shells, swim in the sea, and of course, we’d always have ice cream as a treat!

So for me it is not just about the sheer sugary deliciousness (though that’s a big factor of course), it’s nostalgia. One lick and I’m right back on that gorgeous beach 🙂

This love of icecream has continued into my adulthood, much to the annoyance of my waist line! However, these days I’ll sometimes make a healthier sorbet instead if my clothes are feeling a little tight!

A few years ago I bought an ice cream maker. It wasn’t very good and it was difficult to use. But over the years the market for these machines has grown and although I have gone through a few different types and brands, I now feel that they are an inexpensive must-have gadget for any serious ice cream lover!

It’s so easy to make as well and there are just endless flavors you can come up with! My kids love ice cream too and they also love to make it. They inspire me with ideas that I simply never would have thought of on my own.

So if you’ve never tried making your own icecream, or you’ve only ever done it by hand and you’re thinking or purchasing a machine to help you, then you’re in the right place. I will be reviewing all of the top brands and doing comparisons so you know which is the best buy for your particular needs.

And of course no website about ice cream would be complete without a ton of recipes for you to try!