Disclosure & Terms

You might be wondering why there are no ads on the site. Why would I go to the effort to put together this site on a relatively boring subject with all these reviews if I don’t make a profit from it? Well I do… but not from ads!

One thing I should make clear is that I do NOT do any kind of paid reviews! I never have and I never will! Every review I do is an honest and unbiased look at the product.

In order to make money from TheIceCreamGirl.com I enter into affiliate relationships with the various online retailers that sell the products that I review. I don’t actually sell anything myself.

So what that means, is that you can read through the reviews on the site, both the good and the bad, and if you find something that you think is right for you, you might click a link on the website that directs you to the retailers website. If you go ahead and make a purchase, they may pay us a commission on the sale which is known as an ‘affiliate commission’. This is at no cost to you and in some cases it can actually save you money if I’ve managed to arrange a discount or provide a coupon.

Terms & Conditions


The data that we collect about the products that I review are provided openly by the manufacturers and retailers of the equipment. Sometimes I will compile facts from multiple different sources in order to provide you with the most comprehensive information.


As well as compiling the facts for you, I also give you my opinion on the product. I use the equipment or speak to people who have done so and ask them what they think of it. I will provide pro’s and con’s of each product and of course in some cases what could be seen as a disadvantage to one person could be an advantage to another.

So please take my opinions for what they are, individual preferences – and not fact.


I go to great lengths to present the correct facts and give you opinions on each product but ultimately, you make the final decision over any purchases you make. If you have a problem with a particular retailer, that is not in my hands but if you let me know about it and I hear of repeated problems with a certain retailer then I’ll look at alternatives!

I hope you enjoy the information and the reviews I provide here at TheIceCreamGirl.com and thank you for visiting 🙂